About 50,000 patients from all over Russia and the former Soviet Union and other foreign countries.
access to your own medical record from anywhere in the world through your personal account.
telehealth consultations and electronic document management
Our own research, publications and patents
8500 operations per year
330 qualified specialists
39 000 consultations per year
more than 400 operations per year performed by each traumatic surgeon
920 patients trained at Health Schools

Types of provided medical care:
-arthroplasty of the hip and knee joints

  • arthroplasty of the shoulder and elbow joints
  • arthroplasty of small joints of the hand and foot
  • arthroscopic diagnosis and treatment, plastic replacement of ligaments and cartilage of the knee joint
  • arthroscopy of the shoulder and hip joint
  • intraarticular minimally invasive osteosynthesis
  • spinal surgery
  • correction of scoliotic spinal deformity
  • tendomuscular plastics in children’s cerebral palsy
  • corrective osteotomy
  • foot deformity correction
  • osteosynthesis of long tubular bones
  • Salter osteotomy, reconstructive orthopedic surgery for children
  • hand and foot microsurgery

The diagnostic complex has high analytical and diagnostic capabilities: computed tomography and
magnetic resonance imaging scanner, modern X-ray, ultrasonic apparatus and functional diagnostics
equipment, automatic laboratory analyzers allowing conducting any laboratory research.

The center performs the full range of operations on the osteoarticular system. Every day in 6 operating
rooms our patients receive high-tech care based on the most effective and modern treatment approaches.
The departments provide comfortable conditions for patients with limited mobility, taking into account
the specifics of diseases and the needs of our patients.

The Federal Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics and Arthroplasty of Cheboksary was the first of the
traumatology and orthopedic centers built in Russia within the framework of the national priority project
«Health». Working since 2009, the center occupies the leading position, providing high-tech medical care
in the field of the osteoarticular system diseases. Our clinic is a full-cycle institution that has the
necessary resources for the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and preventing these diseases in adults and
children using advanced medical technologies.

The center has a staff of qualified professionals with extensive practical experience improving their skills
constantly. Our medical staff underwent an in-depth internship at the leading clinics of the Russian
Federation and foreign countries (USA, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland, France, Italy, Great Britain,
Poland, Israel, Turkey, Latvia, UAE, etc.). Today the Center is more than a clinic — a training center for
developing practical skills and internships at the workplace for orthopedic trauma doctors from all over
the country has been created here.

The Federal Center for Traumatology, Orthopedics and Arthroplasty
of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation (Cheboksary)

Call Center
8 800 201 60 70 ,
8(8352) 70 60 70

ul. Fedora Gladkova, 33
Cheboksary, Russia
e-mail: fc@orthoscheb.com


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